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Gatria Global
Gatria Global LLC is the parent company and the owner of the brands REVIA Pharm, EVIA Miami, ORO Sport, ORO Beauty and ORO Safety
We are a family business
Since 2014
What does the name Gatria Global mean?
Gatria means the constellation of the southern triangle. Like this constellation, Gatria is a constellation of brands we created, and working in different directions and different industries.

Global is because we operate in several countries around the world.
Our ideology
Based on the most advanced scientific achievements and deep proven knowledge, using our vast experience and all our hard work, we sincerely strive to make new discoveries and push the boundaries of human knowledge in order to create excellent products that we are proud of and pass on to our dear beloved customers, improving their living quality.
Respectful attitude towards nature and harmony with the surrounding world is important for us. We are aware of our responsibility for the legacy we leave to future generations
Our mission
Our mission is to help bring best and most effective solutions to most skincare cosmetics consumers. That is why we spend part of our profits on the study and implementation of the latest scientific advances.
Our goal is not only to help solve any task, but also to be a source of inspiration, motivation and positive vibes.
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+1 786 405-8098
66 W Flagler Street STE 900 , Miami, 33130, Florida, USA